Why Choose Deaver?

Originated in 1892, Deaver Spring, Inc. (formerly known as Deaver Spring Manufacturing Company) specializes in suspension work on cars, trucks, 4×4’s and Recreational Vehicles, which is to say anything with a suspension. Deaver Spring will repair springs on your family car or customize the suspension of your Baja 1000 4×4. We’ve done work on cars owned by Jay Leno, Boyd Coddington and Reggie Jackson. We’ve even repaired the springs on Bonnie and Clyde’s car (the last one, with the bullet holes.)

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125+ Years of Customer Satisfaction

We stand by our products and to do that we offer several different services to keep your vehicle’s suspension working properly. For over 125 years we have been making suspension adjustments on all types of vehicles. There really is a science to getting the leaf spring setup correct and we have had our hands dirty enough to call ourselves experts. Whether it’s for a horse-drawn carriage or an off-road race truck, we can solve your suspension problems.

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